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Oodly Brutally Noodle Doodle

Get a drawing of yourself as though you belong in a world filled with candy, a world where it’s always adventure time.

Completely custom, no shortcuts

It would be easy to build pre-made characters and tweak them to be you, but that’s what bitmoji is for. And that’s not for you. You want something unique. You’re an adventurer who battles the dull monotony of everyday life with the greatest invention of all time: music.

Here’s how the process works:

  1.  Submit Request
    The form below gives you inputs based on the available options and their prices. Include a link to your public Instagram page so I know what you look like.
  2. Invoice
    You’ll receive an invoice via PayPal with the estimated turnaround time. This estimated turnaround time starts when the invoice is paid.
  3. Inbox
    Once complete, you’ll get hit in the inbox with a picture of you as a noodle ready for musical adventures.


As an example, this is a noodle dude with his weapon. This would be $85.

Let’s make the order process extra easy. Options below

Base Noodle $60

Your battle armour is what you wear on your musical adventures. I’m not here to judge your style, just capture it.


The things you’ll need to list

  • shirt
  • pants
  • shoes
  • accessories you think are important

Keep in mind if you have tattoos, please provide thorough references.

Example: I wear a black button up dress shirt, black slim fit suit pants, Taft Troy Boots in black, black belt.


Artillery +$15

Your main weapon by itself is great and all, but a true battle-worthy adventurer carries with them an artillery. Your amp and cabinet are your heavy equipment.


The things you’ll need to list

  • make and model of amp
  • make and model of cabinet

Much like your guitar, these babies take some battle damage. Include any mods or wear in your reference photos.

Example: White Framus Cobra into a custom Omega 4×12


Weapon +$25

Your guitar or your bass is your main weapon. Without it, you’re just a noodle. Your weapon is how you fight the drudgery of everyday life.


The things you’ll need to list

  • make
  • model
  • finish colour
  • hardware colour
  • strap

Every guitar gets worn out, stickers get slapped on it, it takes damage defending your sanity. Make sure to include the wear and tear shots in your reference photos!

Example: Strandberg Metal 6 White Pearl.


Attachments +$5 each

The adventurer who has seen some things has gotten used to the life. They have attachments for their attachments. Every pedal brings the performance up another notch.


The things you’ll need to list

  • make
  • model

Any wear and tear or mods would be greatly appreciated in the reference photos!

Price is $5 per pedal.

Example: I use an MXR Noise Clamp into a Horizon Devices Precision Drive

Musical Adventures Await

Alright, let’s get your noodle ready for adventure!

What does your noodle require?

7 + 4 =

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