Brutal Noodle Doodle


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Grab yourself a nood like no other.

These characters are similar to Adventure Time’s main man Fin the Human, but with a more classic rubber hose style like OG Popeye and Mickey Mouse. Just look at them noodle limbs!

Rates are a per-character rate so if you want two peeps, hit that quantity up button!


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  1. Brian Krahe

    Brian Krahe

    Very happy with how my noodle turned out! Riley took the time to include intricate details from the simple photos I sent with no problem at all. Its pretty clear he can handle many types of intricate designs, from full sleeve tattoos, crazy guitar finishes & wild outfits, all while fitting into his unique noodly style. And as a bonus he was very responsive with any questions/concerns I had! Highly recommend getting a commission done from Riley (:

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