I'm Riley, a designer and illustrator trying to make metal brutiful.

Ever since the creation of metal music, the imagery associated has been dark, and violent, and aggressive. But I have always felt that it didn’t have to be that way.


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potential uses


Each illustration is drawn in a way that you can easily swap colour and textures to create many different looks for different occasions. Think about: Halloween, Christmas, Birthday, black and white, and more. Like using Instagram filters, except you’re in control so not at all like Instagram filters.


Whether on your website, social media, or an online ad for your girlfriend’s slam-poetry night, your illustration looks good on screen.


Need something for show flyers? Maybe you’re the spokesperson for the local noodle shop. I design these illustrations with print safe colours and effects.

Street art

If you want to print up some stickers and slap them on buildings, stop signs, and anything else, I can’t encourage you. But for instance if you were adamant about putting the logo of your band on say… a local national monument in an incredibly conspicuous location, I’m not saying you’ll get a lot of local and possibly national attention.


Your illustration is designed to be printed with print-on-demand direct-to-garment printers. This will be like YouTube and Twitch merch options.

Standard merch

For staples like t-shirts, hoodies, and stickers, these illustrations will work fantastically because everyone else is too busy crossing their arms and looking like they need a laxative to try something unique. But not you.

Premium Merch

Shirts, hoodies and stickers not doing it for you? These designs also look great on pillows, bomber jackets, museum quality prints, and more. As long as your print company does a good job printing on those things, you should be good. Probably.

Ultra Uber Merch

Fuck man, make a full on bundle with your illustrations. “How” you might ask. Well let me learn ya something. All the different variations used for promotional material can also be used for merchandise that’s not affiliated with any contract-employee taxi service company.

The Process


First you’ll need to send me picture references of you, the full outfit you want, your instrument of choice, and detailed shots of any ink you got on you.


I draw the thing, variations and all. While working on these, I draw them from beginning to end, only taking a break for things I can’t avoid. Like dying.


Once done, you’ll get all the variations in different formats for different things. Namely, a 12×15″ format for most merch, mobile wallpapers and desktop wallpapers. Different formats on request.


Do what you want with it!
You own all the rights. No need to ever contact me again about the design unless¬† you know, you want to get friendly in which case I’ll have to politely decline because that could complicate the business relationship.



When all you need is a little face.

The meatball is just your face as a cute little ball of adorably, brutally cuteness. Or the dankest of stank faces. You’re an adult, I’m not going to decide for you.


Your basic full-bodied noodle topped with an adorable meatball.

This is a full-bodied illustration without any majour props. Acceptable props in this range are none, microphones, drumsticks, and the like.

Brutal Noodle

Grander than any bowl of ramen you’ve ever had.

For real. No bowl of ramen, no matter whether you’ve procured it from the deepest most ancient ramen caves in the land of the rising sun, or you bought it from the dollar store using the last dollar you had in your bank account will be as grand. More delicious? Definitely. You can’t eat art.. wait.

Side note, this is the full-bodied noodle topped with a meatball, garnished with a highly detailed prop like a guitar or a cinema camera.

Ready to join the noodle bowl?

We have more noods than jessica nigri
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About Me

Greetings, human! I’m Riley, and I’ve been drawing since I was a wee daiper-clad babe.

Shit you not, my earliest memory is drawing. Even my mother says she’d catch me on the dining room table (actually the only table in the house) making a mess with maple syrup trying to draw in it.

  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Aunt Jemima syrup painting

Years of (Life) Experience

Completed Noods

fingers ready to doodle a noodle


  • Dozens of Noods
  • Several animations hand-drawn in Photoshop
  • I once cut my toes off with a lawnmower and held my composure long enough to tell the EMT some jokes.
  • Noods for Matt Heafy of Trivium
  • Illustrations for Anup Sastry


  • School of I get knocked down, But I Get Up Again
  • YouTube University
  • A touch of Mesa Community College
  • A dash of Northern Arizona University


  • Supermarkets
  • Street Corners
  • Restaurants
  • Movie Theatres
  • Pool Halls
  • With My Dog
  • Really, I don’t mind being recognized anywhere
  • As long as you’re clothed… Karen

“Really bad ass brutal noodle of me and my [Kiesel Guitars] Vader.”

Justin McKinney

Guitarist, The Zenith Passage

“[Riley] just stocked up the kiichichaos [Twitch] merch page with these amazing original designs of his.”

Matt Kiichi Heafy

Frontman, Trivium

[Publically shared on social media]

Mike Shinoda

Founder, Linkin Park

Riley Smith Designs

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