You can be a part of an interconnected “comic book” universe with different stories and styles, maybe animations, maybe games, who the fuck knows right now.


Interconnected Comic Book Universe

I have been working on a couple stories over the years, never really getting too far with them due to work and the need to pay bills. HOWEVER, the art styles for each and the stories themselves are pretty cool and worth exploring even if they never get past a “pilot” episode, so to speak. Each of these stories takes place at different timelines and places on the same planet in the same universe, and while they don’t directly flow together, they impact each other in small to big ways. Some stories are dark and serious, others are completely goofy and unreasonably ridiculous.

Animations, Video Games, Who the Fuck Knows

Depending on how these stories do, they could be developed in a lot of different ways. They’ll all start off as a collection of narrative illustrations, but from there the outcomes could vary drastically depending on how they’re received. While I personally am only just starting to get into animation and 3D work, I’d really love to build a team of people to create bigger projects than I could do alone. Some of the stories would do great as an animated series, others a webcomic, and others even a game. So again, who the fuck knows what they’ll become but we do know how they’ll start.

You Can Be a Part of It

Anyone who commissions me in any style moving forward will be a part of this universe as characters. You won’t be a main character, but you’ll definitely have some interactions with the main characters.

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